Monday, October 14, 2019 long Information about Search Engines

News Patakha is such a platform, where we are trying to reach all the news that you are not able to reach, and that is also the first of all. We try to publish every news after the authenticity and truth of the truth, but if there is an error, then you request the readers to guide us so that we can improve our shortcomings.

Factual news is our duty to reach you, for which our small team is working day and night without any financial gain. Every member of the News Patakha has the same goal that we deliver the reality of the news to the general public and whatever news it is. Like politics, religious, business, criminal or other types of news. We do not leave any kind of news. We work hard to break the truth of everybody and for the truth, we are always ready to pay any price.

Our thinking is that the young people of the country, who are excited about their career, can make us and all our readers happy with the happenings happening around them. At the same time, in the present time, in the society, the Kurigas spreading in collaboration with your writings and with your support and play a role in creating a clean society. Because at present, people try to give a form of mentality to those who see and read the news, and there are some platforms which are not related to these things, but we do not have any such purpose. Whose reality we will examine ourselves. As well as our kiosks, we can add everyone through our platform. That’s why we have tried to make it your platform in front of you, where someone might want to write something on some subject or if you want information about a subject, then he can contact us on our Mail ID. We will give every scripture and place of full respect through our platform which is trying to improve the direction and condition of society.

That’s why we have named this platform as News Patakha, with which our aim is to remove the darkness that is spreading in the society, and to reach governance and administration, to deliver that suppressed and friendly voice, which is closed due to conflict due to some reason. The buzz of firecrackers also wakes the sleeping person, and this is the reason that we are determined to take the curtain down on criminal incidents happening under the nose of governance and administration and bring justice to justice through this forum.

Your cooperation can make us successful in fulfilling our purposes.

If you want to change your place or your environment then you see anything wrong at your side, then bring it to your cell phone and send it to us immediately. Which we will publish on our news portal and bring it to the whole world. This is our aim that we have brought every truth to the world and have a strict action on it.

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